00 10 South 041 01 West – Heading back to the Northern Hemisphere


In 10 miles time, we cross the equator for the second time on our passage.
The last time was over a year ago as we sailed into Galapagos. It seems an
age ago and it’s hard to believe we’ve spent a year in the Southern

This time round, we have no equator first timers – the salt encrusted crew
of Team Aretha having all been tried in the Court of King Neptune over a
year ago and naturally all found guilty.

We had a roast dinner and the last of our Bundaberg Ginger Beer (no alcohol
at sea) to celebrate this evening and will wake the children later as we
cross the line back to the North.

The weather is being kind to us – we have 12 knots of wind on the beam and
flat seas = flat decks and happy crew.

Next comm’s will be back in the Northern Hemisphere.

Team Aretha, Out.

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