10 Events from Team Aretha – Saturday 29th November 2014

1) We had a pod of dolphins alongside Aretha today – our first since we left Las Palmas;

2) Another first. Our first flying fish on deck – a good 8 inches long. Only discovered after someone stood on it!

3) Fish number 2. Another Dorado. Caught at first light. Filleted and sliced for fresh sashimi followed by Dorado curry;

4) Bluebell played guitar to the crew at our evening meal tonight – it was a piece she’d written herself;

5) We ran the water maker today for the first time. Immensely satisfying to know you can make fresh water at sea;

6) Hot showers all round. The rise in energy and well being is palpable;

7) We’re in the hottest weather yet now. The boat is warming up down below and at night we’re in shorts and T shirts only. No thanks to any English Novembers.

8) We’re firmly in the trade winds now. North Easterly 15-20 nights. We’re gliding along at an effortless 8 knots this evening.

9) It’s less than 2000 miles to go until St Lucia. We’ve covered c900 miles so far.

10) Columbus and Jani baked fresh bread today. The young man justifiably proud of his efforts.

Over and out from a warm and happy Team Aretha at 21 24.9 North, 28 53.7 West.

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