15 20 South 14 24 West – Poetry and Writing, and other stuff

Making steady progress across the South Atlantic as we head to Brazil.

The seas are calm and the winds are constant in both speed and direction. The nights are my favourite time – its the stuff I dreamed of before we came sailing – brilliant moonlight, a carpet of stars all above us, the water glittering under the moonlight and Aretha carving her way effortlessly through the waves. Just sheer and utter magic.

Life on board is settled. The children have been writing poetry inspired by the verses sent to us and have been doing poetry readings for the fleet over the SSB radio. I share one of Bluebells poems:

About a Whale Shark.

By Bluebell Craven.

As he moves elegantly through the water blue his swift , sharp tail sways and swishes.
The giant of the sea with admiring fish at his side.

As he moves and swirls the water around him whirls.
Krill and plankton he swoops with his great o powerful mouth of a loop.

This giant mighty yet gentle beast swims in pride.

I’ve been writing daily and am making progress on my book and have some 40,000 words so far – plenty more to go. The next thing will be figuring out a title…

In other news, our Watt and Sea broke its propeller and we had to put a new one on. Our staysail halyard is still jammed and we need to figure this out when we get to Brazil. Other than that Aretha is in good shape and looking after us well.

Zip all shipping out here – just acres of glorious blue sea. Happy days indeed.

Team Aretha, Out.

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