20 59 South 00 22 East – Close to Completing our Longitude Circumnavigation

Calm seas Mid Atlantic.

About to pass a significant milestone. In another 22 miles we will have
completed our longitude circumnavigation. That means we’ll have crossed
through all 360 degrees of longitude around the world. We won’t have
circumnavigated yet as we have to pass our outbound track to do that (that
will be in Grenada) but its still significant.

It was about 18 months ago that Columbus and I went to the Greenwich
Maritime museum whilst I was recovering from my back operation and we went
to the Greenwich Meridian at the Observatory. In 22 miles we’ll be directly
South of there. Overnight we’ve sailed underneath (as it were) my sister
Pippa in Kent and will crossing off other UK landmarks today as we sail
towards the Zero degree line and the switch from being in the East to being
in the West.

We celebrated in advance last night with roast lamb and a rare drink at sea
– a bottle of red from our South African collection.

450 miles now to St Helena although Bluebell did suggest we just keep going
as she’s enjoying the passage so much. How times have changed since we

Team Aretha, almost due South of Greenwich, Out.

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  1. Congratulations Team Aretha!! Great/impressive to hear that Bluebell would be happy to just sail on – must be either Paul’s stories or Jani’s cooking!!!


  2. Hello from Gea and Mark in Chalfont tonight in cold conditions. The new bathroom nearly ready to use so you can get a good shower on your return! Arsenal blew lead at Liverpool and could only manage a draw – hope you got more wind in your sails than they have!

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