40 miles away from circumnavigating. Final night at sea – 11 58 North 61 02 West

A day of contrasts. Today has been totally different to yesterday.

Calm seas, glorious sunshine, happy children. We’ve been fishing and caught
a small Jack and a 20 lb Dorado – it took about 5 minutes for freshly
filleted steaks to be sizzling away in the pan with olive oil and fresh lime
juice. Food supplies running low so it was a welcome addition. Less good was
we have broken our Watt and Sea (our hydrogenerator) – the bracket attaching
it to the stern has snapped – we were lucky to retrieve it before it fell
off the back of the boat. Engine still not fixed – one for Grenada.

We’re now back in the Caribbean Sea and in some 40 miles or so we will cross
our outbound track as we enter the marina in St Georges in Grenada. It’s
hard to take it all in that all five of us will have sailed around the world
in less than 8 hours time. We had sundowners in the cockpit this evening and
shared our favourite memories from what has been a remarkable experience so
far. It traces back some 7 years to when Nichola and I first had the idea of
doing this ..followed by the 5 years of planning, preparation and doing
whatever we could to make our dream happen. Then of course, the most
incredible 18 months away with experiences to last us a lifetime.

By the time we’ve moored up in Grenada we’ll have stopped in 84 different
locations around the world covering some 26 different countries and roughly
35,000 ocean miles. It’ll take some time to sink in as we’ve been living it
at a fast pace and one experience has been layered on top of another on top
of another. I’m certain we’ve all changed and reflect that Nichola and I are
extremely privileged to be able to share so much time with our children and
to share so many things with them learning and experiencing the world on our

So, next stop Grenada, then we’ll work our way North to St Lucia day sailing
where the World ARC finishes and we say good bye to our World ARC family and
head off for our next adventures from April. Details are still being fleshed
out but I think we have a working plan which starts with a couple of months
back in the UK in June and July.

I’m off to savour my last night watch for a little – its a glorious starry
night with the moon lighting up the sea – I’m watching out next to spot the
lights on Grenada.

Team Aretha on the verge of circumnavigating the globe, Out.

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  1. Fantastic. And thanks for the regular bulletins. They have transported me from my dull arm chair to wonderful places and sometimes scary experiences. All best wishes for your next adventure.

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