58 Miles to Mauritius

Currently at 19 45 South, 58 39 East.

Not long to go – we should arrive in the early hours of the morning. Have to
say, this has been the best sailing leg we’ve had. Ever. Some reasons why:

1) Glorious blue skies pretty much the whole way with warm sunshine;

2) Great winds all the way across – strong to moderate SE trade winds giving
us super fast flat deck sailing – just magic

3) Night time skies – on deck this morning with Columbus between 3am and 6am
watching an extraordinarily bright Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the moon all in
close proximity. Some shooting stars to top it off too (Nichola unbelievably
still has not seen one!)

4) Great fish – 2 Dorado caught – the largest yesterday was 1.04 metres –
estimated at 8-10 kg. Sushi, pan fried Dorado and Thai Green Fish Curry
today. The large Dorado took the best part of an hour to bring in – it
stripped off some 700 metres of line before we could slow down to bring it
in. Mackerel in Devon just won’t seem the same again

5) Schooling has taken great strides forward – Nichola dedicated to morning
school every day has provided routine and the development has been rewarded
by attention and progress

6) Nichola and I have had some great time to talk and to discuss plans for
the future and what adventures we have ahead of us next

7) Variety – been great to have Max bring fresh recipes and humour to the
mix – he’s fitted in really well and the kids have loved having him back –
especially Willow who now has 54 episodes of Peppa Pig on her kindle thanks
to Max and is often hidden watching in peace and quiet!

8) Having time to read – Bill Bryson – One Summer – America 1929 – great

9) Bluebell and Columbus confidently running the radio broadcasts across the
radio net for the children’s SSB Net.

10) Simply enjoying time with my family. I have much to be grateful for.

Just been on deck with Columbus to hoist the Mauritius flag and the Yellow Q
Flag for Quarantine, and to plot co-ordinates of the fishery devices around
the Mauritian West coast as we approach the Capital, Port Louis,

Team Aretha in the Indian Ocean, Out.

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