A little bit of Maritime History

Sunday 10th August. Need to go to London to renew all our passports. Actually the service at the Passport Office was quite impressive. Columbus and I were there for only around 30 minutes. That said, I’ll hold back on a resounding endorsement until I’ve got them in my hands before we slip lines for Lisbon.

So, Columbus and I in London for the day. It’s chucking down with rain. Back still needs to recover from the operation so can’t do any lifting. Nichola is back at home with the girls packing the house.

We decide to visit the National Maritime Museum and gen up on our history. Plenty of good material on Christopher Columbus (he left Spain in 1492 and pretty much took the same route we’ll be taking across the Atlantic – down to the Canaries and turn right – head across to the Caribbean.

In 1492 Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue….


Fabulous map of the world there on the floor – Columbus walked the route by foot (below) and made the observation it looks like a long way!


They had an exhibition there too about Longitude and how navigation was originally worked out – fascinating stuff for another day. Plenty of really great things to see – learning about Trinity House and how they maintain the UK’s lighthouses and buoys, the history of the Atlantic, why ships used to have figureheads and much more. If you’ve not been before, it’s great to visit (and free) and tonnes or interactive things for the kids. It’s in Greenwich and pretty easy to get to. Oh and the Cutty Sark of course is there as well. One to visit inside next time.

Later on, inspired by the mariners of the past, we spend time working up our recipes for onboard. Bread Making will be a key daily activity – I can see a competition developing for who can make the best bread rolls.







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