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Caspar & Nichola, Family SailingIn 2009, we came up with a plan.  A plan to sail round the world with our children. Prompted by a conversation at my sisters 40th birthday, we’ve spent the last 5 years planning our adventures and how we can create magical life changing experiences for our children and us.

Well that was where it started. Since then, its become an experiment in lifestyle design. Inspired by Tim Ferriss and the 4 Hour Work Week (if you haven’t read his book, then you definitely should), we’ve set about redesigning our businesses and lives to live the 4 Hour Work Week to enable us to travel with Financial Freedom.

Some of our posts will be sailing related, some will be about how we run and engage with our businesses whilst we travel, some will be about our adventures. Some will appeal to you, some probably won’t.

So, who are we? We’re Caspar and Nichola, and with our 3 children, Bluebell, Columbus and Willow, this is our story of our adventures and experiments in lifestyle design.

  1. Delighted to be associated with this exciting adventure. Looking forward to sailing with you on Aretha in the ‘ARC’ and following the rest of your travels around the world

    • Hello Aretha!
      Thinking of you all very much and do get in touch very soon. Enjoy all the ‘ups and downs’ of this huge adventure and remember to keep a good log for me to read later.
      Loads of love TX

  2. Longing to hear about the voyage across Biscay. The weather did not seem ideal and hope you are all OK. Have you eaten all the high calorie 6-packs? TX

  3. What a Dynamic beautiful family, I’m so excited for you all ! You are an inspiration to many, taking the bull by the horns and simply living your dreams.

    Stepping your children out from the conventional will be the greatest gift you can give them, In my option we all too easily accept an unconscious governmental programmed lifestyle.

    Your children are blessed to have you as parents. WELL done ! You are well protected, cos you always are, when you live your souls truth ! X

  4. Hi, Oyster Blew is in Lisbon at the moment, we are heading to Lanzarotte in a couple of weeks. Glad everything is going to plan for you, please keep in touch

  5. Hi Caspar and Nichola,

    Congrats for your project and new lifestyle. I admire what you are doing and how you share it.

    I have seen you plan to participate to the ARC rally. I am wondering if you are looking for a crew to help you cross the atlantic with your family?

    I would be very interested. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me:

    Have a nice and safe trip!


  6. Hi Nichola and Casper,

    What an amazing, inspiring adventure. Saw your video at the WLD event last night and had to drop you a line.

    Best of luck and I’ll be following your travels closely.

    Neil Stanley

  7. Saw Paul today and he is quite excited about joining you soon in the Canaries.
    Keep me posted please Caspar on your adventure.
    Best of luck – Richard

  8. Dear Nichola Caspar Bluebell Willow and Columbus, thanks for all your interesting blogs and photographs. You have all done so well having such a great time. I hope Nichola and Bluebell are feeling much better now. Best wishes for the future. Brian.

  9. Kids are missing yours after First landing.
    I hope we have contact now.

    Hope to hear back from you.


  10. So excited to spend a week ashore with you in Fiji!

    Keep in touch Nicola. Maybe we might see each other again in Port Douglas


  11. Hi we are a family of four (kids are 5 and 6) from Weybridge (!) and have just the same dreams .. no boat so far but we have done THE 10 day medical course with Sue Johnson (hello from her!).. We will be following your blog closely … Congratulation for making your dreams true and all the best, Christina

  12. Hi Nicola
    I am based in Weybridge and we are planning to join the Arc with our 2 children ( 8&9) this Nov 2018. I wondered whether you would be open to share your experiences as a mother with me over a coffee. I heard from you from Sue Johnson, the medical instructor.

    Thank you Christina

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