Back to sea…and a request to our followers

We’re back to sea again and the sails are set for Brazil. Time to leave to
African skies and head to South America. Glorious blue skies and sunshine,
flat calm seas and slowly rocking our way forward under full main and the
green giant (our massive green gennaker ..a very large sail).Plenty more to write about St Helena shortly.For now, a quick request to our followers.

Inspired by a Christmas present from Aunty Sharon. A book of poetry by Walt
Whitman. We’ve been reading poetry to the children and each other as we
bobble on the waves.

So, we’d love some new poetry.

We’d welcome anyones favourite poem that we can read to the crew (or indeed
for the children to read).

Team Aretha in the South Atlantic, Out.

15 53 South 6 16 West.

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