Bluebell in Porto Santo

Hi it’s me Bluebell, and we are in Porto Santo. I have had an amazing time yesterday.  We saw Christopher Columbus’s house, and we learnt about him and we saw all his things which was really cool.

Here are 3 facts about him:

–          he was the first person to sail to America

–          he took 3 ships with him ,

–          only one ship survived.

Today we did some French, for school and I have also finished one whole maths book yay. We are doing lots of school work and our homework is writing a blog . We also hired a motorbike and me and Columbus went on it we both loved it. I got to go up the hills we went up really high up it was awesome me and my dad went to a lovely restaurant bar it was lovely there I got spaghetti bolognaise and so did my dad it was yummy. There was a lovely beach to as you go along the restaurant straight you go down a hill and then you are at the beach it was lovely, but we had no swimming costumes with us so I had to go in my pants and my dad went in his shorts we both had a lovely swim we swam for half an hour, for the enter morning we have to school work and then play in the afternoon. After a long day we had homemade pizza and we had to watch peppa pig it was so annoying but when she went to bed we could watch something else.

See you later alligator.

Bluebell : )

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  1. Bluebell, thank you so much for writing again. How I look forward to your blogs!
    Well, you have visited Porto Santo, an island I have never visited and it sounds a wonderful place. It must have been terrific fun on the quad bikes and such an adventure to explore a real island. I am longing to see you all and wish you a safe and memorable voyage on to the Canariest. TX

  2. Hi poppet. Great blog, terrific descriptions of your adventures. Porto Santo sounds idyllic. What a nice big sister allowing WC to watch her Peppa Pig before bedtime, life is all about give and take. We are looking forward to seeing all your projects so far when we meet up in Las Palmas in a few weeks. Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you all. Nanny and Grandad. Xxx

  3. Hi Blubell,
    I know what it’s like having to watch Peppa Pig. Freya loves it and says Peppa all the time! I think it was Willow that introduced Freya to Peppa!
    We are in Tenerife for half term – wouldn’t it be funny if we bumped into each other whilst you’re in the Canaries! Freya loves the swimming pool and dancing in the evening!
    Looks like Columbus has caught some amazing fish!
    Look forward to your next blog.
    Mrs.Isaac x

  4. Hi Bluebell,
    It sounds as if you are very busy with your school work but you are also finding lots of time to have fun too! How exciting riding a motorbike with Columbus! I love spaghetti bolognaise too. Yum! I love reading your blogs and I am looking forward to the next one.
    Lots of love
    Mrs Hicks x

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