Bluebell and Columbus World Quiz Results

Dear all

thank you to those who entered Bluebell and Columbus’ world quiz and made such a huge effort with these questions and apologies that we have been slow in getting the answers back to you.

Bluebell and Columbus can announce that the winners of the quiz are:

The children’s prize went to Gwylym who is now the proud owner of Kate the koala together with her journal both of which arrived safely in Weybridge, Surrey in the UK just before Christmas;

The adult prize went to Andi Tisor who has won Kevin the koala. I understand that Kevin is going to continue his circumnavigation aboard Wayward Wind with Mindy and will be united with Andi and her family next year when Wayward Wind arrives in the United States.

Well done to Gwylym and Andi …they were tough questions!!

I attach below the quiz questions complete with answers.

Once again thank you all for your contribution

All the very best


1          What is the most venomous snake on earth? The Taipan.

2          What shark can get water through its gills without swimming or using current? The Nurse shark.

3          How big is Australia? As in Australia is the x th largest country in the world by land mass size? The sixth largest country in the world.

4          What is the biggest ocean on earth? The Pacific Ocean.

5          How do kangaroos keep cool? They lick their paws.

6) What is the youngest island in Galapagos and how old is it? Fernandina which is 500,000 years old.

7) How can you tell the difference between a seal and a sea lion? The sea lion has ear flaps unlike the seal which does not.

8) How many types of boobies are there in the Galapagos and can you name them? There are 3 types: the blue-footed, Nazcar and red-footed boobies.

9) Can you name 3 animals unique to The Galapagos Islands?The giant tortoise, the flightless cormorant and the galapagos penguin.

10) What did Captain James Cook call the Island of Niue? Savage Island.

11) What is the capital of Fiji? Suva.

12) What effect does eating eucalyptus have on koalas? It makes the koala sleepy.

13)  How long is the Panama Canal?  It is 77km in length which equates to …miles.

14) Who funded Christopher Columbus’s voyage and how many times did he cross the Atlantic?Queen Isabella of Spain. He crossed the Atlantic 8 times but carried out 4 different voyages.

15) What is another name for Grenada? The Spice Island.

16) What African animal went to Grenada?The Mona Monkey.

17) What are the 2 fruits that grow in the Tuamotos? Bread fruit and coconut.

18) Which is the most active volcano in Vanuatu and what island is it on? Mount Yassur on the island of Tanna.

19) How many Islands are there in the Canary Islands? There are 7 main islands.

20) What’s the capital of Tonga? Nuka Lofa.

21) What was the name of Captain James Cooks ship? The Endeavour.

22) Who was the architect behind the Sydney Opera House and how many years did it take to build? Jern Utzon and it took 17 years to build.

23) What famous explorer lived in Porto Santo? Christopher Columbus.

24) What is the Latitude and Longitude of Suwarrow? Latitude: 13 degrees 14.91 minutes south Longitude: 163 degrees 06.47 minutes west.

25) How long can an adult crocodile hold its breath for? 4 hours.

26) Can you guess how many miles we have sailed since leaving Southampton in England to reach Darwin in Australia? (Tie Breaker Question) 21,387 miles

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