Bluebell – We’re in Sines

Hi it’s me Bluebell, and we are in Sines in the South of Portugal now.  We have had an amazing time. We have met 2 other children called Cato and Hein. They are Dutch, but we can still understand them. We loved playing with them but we could only play with them in the afternoon because we were doing school work in the morning.

Today we went on a school trip to the museum to learn about Vasco Da Gama and then when we went back to the boat we had to make a poster about Vasco Da Gama for school work he is famous because he discovered India he was also born here, and then after that we did some cleaning with mummy and I had to tidy my room up a bit because it was quite messy. We also had to clean out the fridge it was quite disgusting because there were dead fish in it. Yuck!

We also had to take Willows bed apart because she had an accident. So now we have got a nice clean boat, our mum and dad think we are getting in to are daily life so like wake up and then make are beds have are breakfast do school work for the morning then have lunch then play for the afternoon.

See you later alligator in a while crocodile.

Bluebell   : )


Vasco de Gama

Vasco de Gama

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  1. Hi poppet. Your blog is very informative, as we follow your daily school trips it is almost like being with you. Your project looked great and hearing about Vasco de Gama brought my own school geography lessons to mind. I enjoyed watching daddy’s video of you climbing the rig with your new playmate and I could hear Willow’s desperate attempts to join you up there. It’s great that you are keeping your room tidy , it makes life so much easier if you are reasonably orderly. Grandad and I are really looking forward to reading all your projects so keep them safely for us. Love to CJ and WC. Big hugs, love you lots and lots. Nanny and Grandad. Xxx

  2. Bluebell, have you been fishing yet? We want to hear that you have caught a bigger fish than Columbus. And … What happened to all those sweets that were on the boat … Has Daddy eaten them all?
    Lots of love Pip and Oli xx

  3. What a wonderfully positive way to start your blog each time! “Hi,it’s me Bluebell”.
    I did not know Vasco Da Gama was born in Sines. Did he sail from there or from Lisbon? Do you know any other explorers
    from Portugal?
    Well, you have all sailed down the Portuguese coast and have that experience now. Well done everyone! And well done on keeping your cabin tidy too…very important to do that.
    Keep writing Bluebell. It’s a great record.
    With lots of love to you all TXXXXX

  4. Hi Bluebell,
    You are so lucky to be visiting so many amazing places! I love your poster, you are learning so many new things 🙂 I am glad you are making new friends too! I wish my children were as helpful as you cleaning and tidying, what a star! I love reading your blogs, it makes me feel as if I am on your adventure with you. Looking forward to your next blog. My husband loves hearing about Columbus and his fishing, he would love to catch some of the fish Columbus has caught. Please give Willow a big cuddle from Mrs Hector! Lots of love to you all.
    Mrs Hicks x

  5. Hi Bluebell,
    Sounds like you are having a great time! You’re poster is really good,I am rubbish at drawing pictures and posters!Where are you going to next? I’m like you,I hate cleaning out my fridge! Have fun on the rest of your trip.

  6. Hi Bluebell,
    It’s great to read your updates – sounds like you are all having a great time. You are such lucky children to be learning so much about so many different things. I am sure you will remember lots of it and be able to tell your friends all about it when you get home.
    We have had lots of rain and there has been lots of water leaking into the school where we are having the new building built. There are buckets dotted all around the school catching all the drips. The year 2 block is the only dry place in the school!
    Say hello to Willow and Columbus for me. Freya is sound asleep after a busy day with her Daddy. We are very excited as she has taken her first few steps so she is going to get her first pair of shoes this weekend!
    I look forward to reading your next blog.
    Love from
    Mrs.Isaac xx

  7. Hi Bluebell! This is Jemma who lives in Austin, Texas. We met while we were staying with Mark and Emma this summer. Ozlem sent me your blog address. Its great to read about your adventures on the sea. Good Luck. Enjoy all your adventures!! Will be in touch!!

  8. Hi Bluebell
    That is a lot about Vasco da Gama
    I really miss you a lot
    I hope you are having lots of fun
    Miss Baldwin told me to say that she hopes you have fun to
    I am making you some loom band bracelets such as the starburst bracelet,the ladder bracelet,the laclet bracelet,the triple single waterfall bracelet and also some charms and a few fishtail bracelet.

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