Boat Roles

rolesWe all wear many hats on the boat. We’ve been working with the children to define the boat roles we will play. For each of the roles, we cover why it’s important and what are all the things that need to covered.

Here’s just some of the roles we’ve worked out on board.

The Fishing Maestro – CJ Number 1

Why it’s Important – To provide fresh food, to study nature, to bring excitement to our daily routine and to our world class scribblers providing fresh stories from the Fishing Maestro.

What are all the things that need to be covered – Learning what tackle we need, getting the tackle, knowing when to use it, training the rest of the crew, managing all the fishing and preparing the catch.

Global Navigator

Why it’s Important – To provide safe routing and passage planning on our global adventure. To be able to know we are going so we can plan to meet with friends and family. To always know where safety is and to train and teach all the crew the importance of navigation.

What are all the things that need to be covered – Getting all the charts we need (electronic and paper copies), planning the routing and timings to meet the weather windows, to update the hourly log book plotting our route and to always know where we are, where we are going and what is the best course to get us there safely.

King or Queen of the Radio Waves

Sails Master – CJ Number 2

The Rigging Rock Stars – BB Number 2

The Weather Wizards

The Safety All Stars

The Nature Lovers

The World Class Engineers – BB Number 1, CJ Number 3

The Viscount or Vixen of Victualling

Doctor Feelgood – BB Number 3

The Sensational Pen Passport Scribblers

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