Boots are on. Squid. Slamming waves. 32 33 North 120 40 West

Now in US Waters. Passed West of the Mexico/ US border a couple of hours ago. Also past the large yellow buoys dotted along the US coastline.

Sea state heavy. On Northerly tack slamming off huge waves which stop the boat and jars everything on board – crew and boat.

Heading West now so sliding off waves instead of slamming.

Sailing with bright orange storm staysail and 2 reefs in main, and engine to hold us up on course. 3rd reef imminent.

Squid in the cockpit this morning – testament to the waves filling the cockpit.

Finally found seaboots – dry feet at last.

Crew tired and in good spirits. Amazed that Mindy can sleep in the forepeak with the slamming waves.

Sea Temp down to 16 degrees – 22 degrees lower than Panama just 25 days ago.

This is just the start of the wind. Lots more up ahead. Just 330 NM until San Francisco. Toughest miles yet on this passage.

Columbus oblivious to sea state other than telling me the heads sink cupboard door has fallen off and then going back to sleep.

Days of tropical sailing downwind feels a lifetime ago already.

Cold, wet and bouncy Team Aretha, Out.

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