Calmer Seas. 27 32 South 41 00 East

A welcome respite today with calmer seas. Down to 2m swells from 4m and wind
at c 15 knots. It’s a lot more gentle on the rig and we continue to nurse
Aretha along with reduced sail to make sure we stay safe.

Carefully watching the weather forecast as the wind is due to back to the
North East meaning we can tack the boat and take the load off the damaged D1
rig and sail on starboard tack. The shift is due about now.

From here, its 475 miles to Richards Bay – we have a time window to get in
before the wind shifts back from the NE to the South and creates problems
across the Aghulas current near the S African coast with big seas. We’d like
to be in by Monday night – its a careful balancing act of pushing as much as
we can whilst taking care of the rig. Rig watch is every 2 hours – checking
the tensions and red marker pen lines drawn on lines, shackles, rigging wire
and bulldog clips to mark out any shifts. So far, only a few mm have shifted
since we loaded up the new D1.

Willow’s mishap from a few days ago seems a distant memory already – she is
100% bouncing around and the scar has knitted well with the hair stitches.

Today has been a day of 2 halves. A more relaxed morning with the kids who
to be fair have been very patient (ish) with us while we have tended to
Aretha. Roast lamb lunch helped to lift the team and some small gifts from
Aunty Sharon were a welcome surprise to put a smile on everyones faces.
Books & Dartmouth fudge : )

The second half has been fixing stuff. The engine today and the overheating.
With the always on Eddie from Oyster, we’ve been working through
possibilities and are narrowing things down and trying to create the fix.
Looks like a leak somewhere and its the workaround we’ve been working on.
Work on this stopped just after 4am local time – fingers crossed the current
iteration works.

A brief sojourn on deck – the moon is rising and Venus is incredibly bright
again tonight. Plenty of ships for company too – all headed in the same
direction as they slowly chug past us.

Wind shift is happening – wind alarm going off – time to change direction.

Team Aretha closing on the S African Coast, Out.

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