Calmer Seas in the South Atlantic. 23 17 South 05 14 East

The wind is down to 10 knots and speed has slowed to 5.5 knots. Its a relief
to have a flatter deck and Aretha feels under less pressure in the light

It’s definitely warming up too as we head North towards the equator.

We’ve managed to finally get staysail flying by unjamming a spinnaker
halyard and hoisting on this halyard. The staysail halyard is still jammed.

Schooling is in full flow and is possibly the most contented for a long
time. The key is keeping Willow occupied. She has a stack of lego and is
next to Nichola. Bluebell has been working on her China Project (her own
choice – she’d like to learn a lot more about China so we bought books in
Cape Town and are letting her immerse herself) and is now working on her
maths with Nichola. Columbus is studying his animal books and writing in his
journal. It’s calm and relaxed.

Paul has just volunteered to tell the children sea stories on deck – this is
met with great enthusiasm.

I’ve been writing this morning and Jani has been weaving more of his magic
in the galley producing fine fine omelettes.

All is well onboard Team Aretha and I’m fairly sure fishing will be starting
again soon.

Team Aretha in the South Atlantic, Out.

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