Day 4 – Breakthrough Day – Crew back to full strength

Breakthrough day.

Nichola and Jani are back to full strength. Sea legs acquired and all is well. Helped by calmer seas and beautiful sunshine this morning the feeling on Team Aretha is buoyant.

During the day today we have lighter winds and start to experiment with different sail combinations, short cuts to our reefing system, splicing ropes and having a good freshen up all round Aretha.

Columbus is learning from Paul how to whip ropes and Bluebell is working on her knots which she seems to pick up with remarkable ease.

Jani back to form wastes no time in creating culinary genius – freshly baked bread with home made leak and potato soup for lunch, a chicken and rice dish for supper. We are eating well and its great to all sit down and have a meal together. A great practice so often forgotten in the bustle of daily life.

Our first happy hour today as well. The clocks shift by one hour and we have happy hour on board to celebrate. There is music, a treasure hunt for the children and we are all sit on deck basking in the sunshine.

You can feel the weather warming up as we head South and West. The sea temperature is 28.2 degrees C. It will only get warmer from here. This is what we’ve been looking forward to.

For the first time on this trip I’m joined on my night watches by Nichola. It’s lovely to have the company and to see her on top form especially as she’s been definitely feeling the effects to date. Fingers crossed that her sea legs are with us for a long time now.

We caught and lost our second fish yesterday. Mental note 2. Slow the boat down properly before bringing the fish in. Schoolboy error. The lunch menu tomorrow says fish. No pressure there then. Columbus and I had best get our skates on tomorrow to avoid the mirth of the crew at our claims we’d be bringing in fish every day.

Time for sailing. We have a squall running alongside us and need to dodge the mountainous clouds and wind and rain that accompanies them. All good stuff to keep you on your toes.

Over and out from Team Aretha.

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