Day 8 – And we are in Central America… 9 35 North, 78 52 West

After a long day sailing, we anchored in Chicime Cay ay 645pm as the light
was just going.

We’re at 9 35 North, 78 52 West.

Navigating around the coral reefs was a challenge but we have done it and
are safely moored up.

Got a lovely welcome from dolphins jumping clean out of the sea and the
sound of monkeys in the trees 100 metres away from us. Willow beside herself
with excitement at the prospect of monkeys.

A quick check on the chart plotter – we are now closer to the Galapagos
Islands than we are to Grenada where we left 8 days ago.

Still can’t believe we’re in Panama.

Time for a beer. Time for food. Mossie nets and mossie coils going up around
the boat as we speak.

Out from a very excited Team Aretha.

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  1. Certainly beats what I’m looking at (a wet cold car park!) your adventures sound so amazing. Liking the coconut/rum idea, will be trying that one! 🙂 hugs to all, Soph x

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