From Bluebell – Leaving Weybridge

HI it’s me bluebell right now the boat is in Porto and tomorrow we will be in an amazing chateau it is basically a mansion In France it has a giant swimming pool and I get to go swimming in it yay. We are in France because we are going to are aunties and uncles wedding I just can’t wait. I love being  at home and seeing my friends and I will really miss them but I can still face time them.

BB and the packed bags


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  1. Bluebell – we loved seeing you here at the Waldrons! Have a great trip, and remember, a little fear is just fine. It’s what keeps you safe! xx

  2. Hi Bluebell,
    Enjoy your auntie and uncle’s wedding, the chateau sounds ‘fantastique’! Have fun in the giant swimming pool, lucky you! I can’t wait to read your next blog as you sail off on your adventure. Bon voyage!
    Much love,
    Mrs Hicks x

  3. Hi Bluebell,
    Have a fab time on you trip. Hope it all goes well for you all. Good luck. Maybe I could face time or skype you so I can find out what your up to. Florence x

  4. Hi BB. I expect CJ,WC and you are very excited to be back on board Aretha. We are already missing you so much. I don’t have anyone to raid my fridge. Lots of hugs and kisses to you. Xxxxx

  5. Hi Bluebell,
    How are you and Columbus and Willow? Mrs.Hicks told me about this website – it’s great to read about how your wonderful adventure is going!
    Freya misses Willow and still loves anything to do with Peppa Pig.
    I look forward to reading more about your adventures and seeing more pictures.
    Love from
    Mrs.Isaac and Freya xx

  6. Hi BB. It was so fabulous to speak to you on Thursday and hear what all three of you have been up to. I think you sent your weather over to us because we had the most amazing storm during the night. Reading your messages your friends are obviously missing the three of you so much. Grandad and I are missing the cuddles and all the little things that make the three of you so very special. Take care of each other , give CJ and WC a big kiss from us. Lots of love and hugs. Nanny and grandad. Xxx

  7. Hi BB. CJ and WC. Fabulous to speak to you today and to hear about all your activities. I hope the boat is all fixed now and you can soon start sailing again. Lots of love, kisses and hugs. Nanny and grandad. Xxx

  8. Hi Blue,
    You look like you’re having fun. It’s been good here and I’ve been making friends with izzy but it’s not the same without you.

    Emily xx

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