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Family SailingWe’ve been sailing with our children at ages of 3 months through to 9 years old. There is always a way to make it happen. We talk to a lot of people about sailing (kind of obvious I know).

We see a common theme.

Lots of people who used to sail, had children and haven’t been back on the water since.

We want to debunk the myths and share our experiences on how with some simple planning, you can enjoy sailing with your family.

I quote Bluebells words from mid way through our trip

At school we’d only be reading about this in books, but we’re actually out here seeing it and doing it.

Want to know more? Stay tuned as we share our experiences.

  1. Hi Caspar, awesome to see you guys on your way and so excited for you! Our three are 15, 13 and 10 and big dinghy sailors so we’ll all follow you with interest.
    At least you’re heading the right way round the world this time! Keep an eye out for Malcolm and Sue MacVean (Malc was on Veritas) as they are somewhere in the Caribbean on their yacht Piano.
    Fair winds!
    Will & Sarah

  2. Great blog – really good story-telling and some great pics too.

    I would like to discuss using a few of your photos in an article on and

    I’m focussing on ‘learning from experience’ and your episode in the south pacific en route to Nieu would be ideal.

    Do you have any images of you working on the engine or generator? Unlikely I know. Not entirely necessary either. I can simply illustrate with a pic of the family on board Aretha taken straight from your website (as I’m also publishing on the web I don’t need the images to be any larger than those you’ve already published.)

    Let me know if that’s ok with you via email. Rob Melotti

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