Mid Ocean Transfer Update 26 34 South 45 29 East

All are tired on Aretha so update will be brief.

Checked the problem D1 rigging this morning. 1 broken strand had become 3
broken strands. Thats enough to bring the mast down so we tacked immediately
to ensure the rig stayed up.This meant were heading East .as opposed to West
where we want to go.

Called Ayama who were 12 miles ahead of us. Asked them to kindly turn back
to bring us the kit needed for repairs.

In the meantime Nichola and I climbed the rig to attach a spare halyard
above the D1 fittings and run this back to deck level. Bouncing around in 4
metre seas when you are 10 metres off the deck is an interesting experience.
Probably not one to be queuing up for. Downside will come later on when we
want to drop the main – we will need to remove this jury rig to allow the
sail to come down.

In the meantime, discovered the engine was overheating and we have a problem
there to fix. One at a time please. That can wait for now.

2 hours later Ayama arrived and with some expert seamanship they transferred
the kit we needed using a throwing line with a bottle half filled with
water. Within the hour we had created a jury rigged original D1 with some
creative thinking. Sort out the genoa problem, tack the boat very gently and
we are underway again with 2 D1’s in place.

Fingers crossed now.

We’re at 26 34 South 45 29 East making 7 knots towards South Africa,

Crew all fine – kids have been exceptionally good.

Celebrated with a pack of Chicken flavour 2 minute noodles. Oh yes, living
the dream!

Big shout out of thanks to Ayama for coming back to help.

Team Aretha sailing very gently 716 miles from Richards Bay, Out,

PS please nothing else to fix : )

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  1. Seems a bit hard days. Though it looks to me that there is a lot of seamanship and seachildship on Aretha.

    Stay calm and try not to desperate.

    Waiting for better news and that you arrive safely to fix all those “little” problems. I will keep fingers crossed so you don´t have any more.

    Best regards


  2. I thought about you all many, many times yesterday and was thankful to read your update this morning. I will continue to pray for “gentle” sailing to continue until you arrive safely in South Africa.

    Meanwhile, we have settled nicely now into our new home in Texas. We continue to miss GP and all the dear friends we left behind there. We thought about them especially last night knowing many were at Cleves for Bonfire Night! …No bonfires for you yesterday!

    Take care.

  3. When the going gets tough, the tough get going!! Echoing David’s comment, there is clearly a great deal of seamanship, seachildship and seawomanship on Aretha!!!

    well done all


  4. Thank you David – yes one step at a time : ) ….Lowrie – thank you – GP seems a long way away! ….good to hear you are settled in Texas….John – it all seems a long time since those Jager days in Croatia….Pelle….hopefully not needed again, but thank you : )

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