Moderating Winds in the Pacific. Sailing past Isla Guadalupe – 28 11 North 118 29 West

After another bouncy night at sea the winds have moderated today. This means we don’t have submarine Aretha with white water regularly crashing over the coach house roof, flying down the side of the boat and filling the cockpit.
Whilst we have fixed the leaks in the forepeak so that Mindy is dry, new leaks have been discovered in the bunk room so Frank and in particular David have a different challenge to contend with. David not just content to sleep in his foul weather gear has rigged up a series of bottles and taped up kitchen roll to wick away and collect the water. It’s only small leaks but who wants a litre of cold sea water in your bunk overnight. The weather hardened Scot seems to take it in his stride and by controlling the water flow is protecting Frank.

We are now as far West as LA and have just tacked to get some Northing in. We’ve gone as far West as Isla Guadulupe since leaving Turtle Bay and whilst the wind is still favouring the Westerly tack, we have some current which means that we can get in some North as well. Its a tricky call on the routing between getting North and West. Given that in 3-4 days we have some 45 plus knots of wind forecast off San Francisco, we don’t want to hang around although the likelihood is that we will get a bit of a battering. The weather files we have, called grib files routinely underestimate the wind – in the gusts, there can be as much as a third again, so the potential for 60 knots of wind isn’t entirely exciting. Not really a huge amount we can do about it – keep pressing on, hope that it softens and try to dodge it as best we can.

Some nice wildlife leaving turtle bay – sealions playing as we left and last night a huge pod of excited dolphins leaping well clear with all the exuberance of excited labrador puppies.

Columbus in his element – he’s found his foulies and is very happy on deck and has been snapping pics of the big seas. Below decks, we’re reading the Last Rhino and he is carving messages in the watermelon saying things like “I want to eat this watermelon”. Frank and I are busy working on plans making use of the unique time we have with none of the normal life distractions.

Still eating well. Freshly baked bread for breakfast. Salad for lunch. Maybe Roast for supper.

Still getting colder. 18 degrees C less than Panama now. Using Columbus cabin as the drying room – open the engine room doors and let the heat dry out all the wet things.

Less than overjoyed that some gremlins in our Sat Coms means we have smashed through our data allowance and have a huge satcoms bill for this leg. Not big fans of our satcoms on our trip so far. More fun has been the SSB call with Perseverance – they are stopping in Turtle Bay tonight and will probably head North tomorrow.

Just checked and as the crow flies, just 600 miles until we reach the Golden Gate Bridge.

There are rumours we may create a boat song (let by our poetry contest winner, Mindy) today for singing as we sail under the Golden Gate Bridge,

Team Aretha, Out.

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