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We’re back in the Northern Hemisphere now. After more than a year in the
Southern Hemisphere, we’ve crossed the equator heading North and are making
good progress towards Grenada. By the time we finish this adventure we will
have spent an incredible 2 years together as family, all of us having learnt
from it in our own different ways. For Nichola and I spending this intense
time as a family we have seen the effect this has had on us and our
children, not always easy, but something we wouldn’t want to change.

Well, we’ve been talking for quite some time about what we should plan to do
next. In my last email I promised I’d update on the first part of our plans
for after we complete our sailing adventure.

We plan to launch a new business and have been talking through the ideas of
what that business is going to look like. We have had so many ideas but I
think we are now set on what the business is going to relate to – more to
come later.

However, maybe as a result of our adventure, what is more important is what
we would like to do alongside the business. We knew from the outset that
whatever the business was that we started we wanted it to contribute to
others – in particular to help children. What we hadn’t worked out was which
children and in what ways could be offer help.

As you might imagine, Nichola and I have had a lot of time together on our
long passages at sea, time when we have had the opportunity to talk to each
other at length. We realised that even after 20 years together we had
something in common that neither of us had really discussed before. Both of
us have experienced bullying at school. It’s a strange thing as neither of
us had ever really talked about it before. Having had time together at sea,
we’ve talked at length and realise the destruction of self confidence that
can come from being bullied – it’s something we both dealt with in different
ways and we’ve both come out of it stronger and in a position now where we
want to help others.

So for our next venture, the key thing we would like to do is to donate 50%
of the profits from our new business to helping children who are bullied and
to give children the confidence and life skills to help them deal with
bullying. Bullying touches many people yet so few people talk about it and
bury it deep inside themselves. We want to make a difference. We want
children to live confident lives, to be different, to do their own thing
without being persecuted.

Back when we were at school, the internet didn’t exist. The world we live in
today is far worse for bullying. Stories circulate of cyber bullying. There
are multiple ways that children can be bullied and its extremely public in
social media. There are horror stories of children who’ve been driven to

We haven’t worked out all the details of our business yet, but what we do
have is a very clear cause of why we want to start a business and how that
can contribute to others.

Over the coming months, we would like to share with you our plans and ideas
for our venture as we work through it and we would love you to give feedback
to us.

Caspar & Nichola.

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  1. I am a friend of Sophy and Barry’s. I have loved reading your blog of your travels.

    My sister is a trained Drama Therapist who might be able to give you some ideas for your business when you are ready to.

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