Our Route

Our Route Starts from the Hamble on 19th August 2014.

From there, we sail to Lisbon, then down to the Canary Islands for the beginning of November 2014.

From there we join the ARC and sail across the Atlantic to St Lucia (route below).


From St Lucia, we then sail to Panama for the end of January 2015 and follow the world ARC route (pic below). In total we expect our journey to take 18 months before we get back to the UK.

World ARC route


We’ll be posting regular updates here and will keep you updated on our progress.


  1. have pencilled in the beginning of november to come and meet you in the canaries for a spot of sailing, tapas and catch up xxx

  2. Hi Caspar and family.

    Now on our way to Halifax Nova Scotia having visited Gaspe, Quebec and Saguaney. We are having a great time cruising on Balmoral. Always check you blog and delighted to see all is well. Look forward to joining you for the ARC.

    Best to all the family


  3. Glad to read that you are back at sea, when we at home are thinking of winterising the boat as the brilliant summer gives way to a stormy autumn.
    Boat up for sale and back to a fishing boat. Good sailing

  4. Wow – we are in Tobago in February but I think you will be well on your way to the next ocean by then!! congratulations on progress.

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