Refuelled. Turtle Bay. 27 44 North. 115 04 West.

Unplanned stop at Turtle Bay for Diesel. Colourful local Enrique brings his skiff alongside – honda engine to pump diesel up into Aretha. 450 litres taken on board. Fingers crossed its high quality and clean. Ransom level prices. Rock and hard place for negotiation.

Stack of wind forecast. Heading direct now to San Francisco as wind to San Diego looking unhelpful. Plan to head offshore to get into slightly smaller winds.

Nice to have 4 hours respite in the calm water of Turtle Bay from the huge seas we experienced last night. Heading back out and swell building again as we start to clear Punta Eugenta.

We have a tough experienced crew and a rock solid boat. Just what the doctor ordered for these conditions.

What a way to wrap up our round the world travels!

Watching Shackleton expedition on DVD’s – brrr – here feels comparatively tropical.

Team Aretha underway to San Francisco, Out.

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