Sailing Costa Rica – Flat Sea, Tuna and Air Guitar – 08 37 North 084 07 West

Aretha’s engine has been running now since we left Panama with the exception of 1.5 hours sailing yesterday. All the predictions of zip all wind were spot on.

Yesterday was very squally – torrential rain, lightening and sudden gusts of up to 34 knots. Then back to no wind. Not really so good for sailing or my nerves.

Today is much better – calm sea, clear skies and settled conditions. We have some small adverse current and are making at best 6 knots in the right direction. We’re in Costa Rican waters and are debating routing options which are to stop in either Northern Costa Rica and then direct to Acapulco, or to push on to South Mexico (Chiapas) and then refuel there. Complicating the matters are 2 savage winds which blow through here – the Papagayo and Tehuantepec. Picking the right choices are pretty important and we have to decide by tomorrow lunchtime which way to go.

Highlights from onboard a very warm Team Aretha are:

1) Columbus making a poster today on one of the worlds most endangered species, the Rhino and then presenting it to the crew after lunch. He is planning a series of these. Would anyone be able to google and let him know the worlds top 10 most endangered species?

2) Frank and David wearing wigs and hats in the cockpit playing air guitar to Black Betty (yes we have video evidence)

3) Catching a skipjack tuna last night which became lunch today served with fresh papaya (just magic)

4) Debates yesterday over what would constitute 3 days of total luxury and decadence for each crew member. We may write these down and sent them out to see if you can work out which belongs to each crew member. We’d love to hear anyone else 3 days of decadence (covering location, who with, food, drinks etc etc).

5) Hot showers on board for all

6) The biggest omelettes ever seen on board Aretha cooked by Frank

7) Continuing excellent conversations and ideas on board.

Its unbelievably tidy without a 4 year old pulling every single thing out…I mean..the boat stays tidy on its own!!

Team Aretha Sailing the Costa Rican Coast, out.

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