Sailing Monterey Bay. 70 miles to San Francisco. 36 44 North 122 12 West

The furious seas and 30 plus knots winds of yesterday overnight gave way to a gentle 10 knots today. The sea state remained with huge swells that Aretha climbed up on each wave and then slid down the other side. Fortuitously we have had some current with us and and have been making a steady 6 knots all day under engine. Being on the foredeck is a proper rush – climbing and then falling a good 5 metres on each wave as Aretha points up and then down.

The calmer sea state allowed some spring cleaning – emptying and deep cleaning galley cupboards, removing downwind sail gear such as blocks and sheets and desalting/ polishing/ cleaning blocks and pulleys.

The sea colour has changed – from the deep royal blue which marks the fact you are well offshore to a darker bluey/ green. If you didn’t know you were approaching land from your GPS, the sea colour is a great indicator.

Right now we’re crossing Monterey Bay – famed for its marine life – today 3 whales were spotted. Dolphins were in abundance yesterday as well.

Contacting Border Control proved a little challenging – a good run around the houses calling different phone numbers before we finally found the right place – good news is that they’ll come to meet us as we arrive so hopefully clearing in should be easy. Fingers crossed.

ETA under the Golden Gate Bridge is around lunchtime tomorrow. We had the infamous SF fog today – here’s to hoping the skies are clear and we get some great shots as we sail underneath the bridge.

Lovely sunset this evening – it will be strange to have evenings not heading West watching the setting sun. We’re been travelling West for almost 2 years now.

Very strange also this evening to have phone reception as we passed Big Sur – for a month at sea, no phone calls, minimal emails, no Facebook. Suddenly all the phones are pinging. Testament to a great experience together, the phones rang for longer than they would if we’d been in the normal world – the need to jump to the outside world minimal.

Time to wrap up warm – still chilly and perhaps a clear starry night ahead of us,

Team Aretha in the final stretch, Out.

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