Sailing Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador – 12 00 North 89 01 West

Normal service resumed today. Back to zip all wind and motoring.

Having survived the Papagayo, one by one our feathered friends all left at some point today. On further investigation, Columbus decided they were actually Shearwaters and not Petrels. Snowy was the last to leave and kindly left a white feather for Columbus – now safely part of the artefacts in the Columbus museum. Less kind was the mass of guano left on the decks by our flighty passengers.

Wind instruments all back to normal today which is helpful. Instead the engine decided to test our skills by giving us all manner of warning lights and gauges bouncing around. After a series of checks, all seems to be running as normal. Fingers crossed.

Life continues at sea – great meals, charades on deck (comfortably won by the Columbus who was razor sharp with gems like The 39 Steps, Harry Potter and Lord of the Flies and acting them out superbly.

Making good progress now and in the shipping lanes – just chatted to New York Harmony on her way South to Panama.

We’re rapidly passing a whole host of central American countries – past Nicaragua, past the Honduras coast and now South of El Salvador. We should be passing into Mexican waters at some point tomorrow. We’re also now on exactly the same latitude as we were when we arrived back in Port Louis in Grenada.

Still super warm on deck by day and night and expecting the temperature to start reducing a little as we progress further North.

Team Aretha, Out.

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