Sailing the South Atlantic Ocean 21 58 South 02 31 East

583 miles until we reach St Helena.

All is well on board Team Aretha. Schooling once again in full flow. Willow
drawing, Nichola and Columbus doing maths, Bluebell studying China with

After 25-30,000 miles I think we’ve finally decided on a boat song.Animals
by Martin Garrix – plenty of dancing onboard yesterday.

Inspired by finishing a bottle of Roses Lime Juice, we put a message in a
bottle (one of our Team Aretha posters) and it went over the side at 23 04
South 04 50 East . We’ve put our details in there and a message to say that
should anyone find it and return it, they’ll get a Team Aretha Crew Shirt
(only otherwise eligible if you’ve sailed over 300 miles with Team Aretha)
and a special additional prize.

Seas are calm, decks are flat and crew are happy – especially as we have
Roast Lamb for supper tonight.

The South Atlantic is very peaceful. No phones ringing. No emails buzzing.
No distractions. Simple.

Have an awesome day everyone

Team Aretha in the South Atlantic, Out.

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  1. It’s good to read your regular logs again Caspar – life on board sounds less chaotic now that the seas are calmer and domestic life has resumed its normal pattern. Safe sailing to team Aretha from a rare sunny but cold day in London! x

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