Settling Back into Life at Sea. 13 16 North. 65 22 West


Columbus and Willow are playing lego on the saloon floor. School is about to
start for Columbus – reading the Elephant Whisperer, then maths and

Nichola is not feeling well – some bug taken hold and she is resting.

David has just cooked french toast with a spicy tomato salsa and maple syrup
for breakfast and is about to hand over the watch to Mindy. We’ve just done
values prizes and checked in on deck at the daily skippers briefing.

All are doing well and we are settling into a crew at sea well and everyone
is happy. The breeze is filled in and we are making a good 7 knots giving us
an ETA in Shelter Bay around the 22nd April.

Its quiet out here – no other yachts, ships are rare and we are missing the
comforting call of the twice daily SSB role call. Inbound emails are highly
welcome and read to all the crew – thank you for all the lovely messages
we’ve had so far.

Wildlife highlights – we sailed with a pod of short finned pilot whales
yesterday for around half an hour – just lovely as they played happily
around Aretha. We also had an overnight hitchhiker – a large bird on the

Davids foot is healing well – a large blood blister which Luis cut away and
needs daily dressing – Nichola demonstrating her medical skills in action
yesterday to clean and re-dress it.

Missing Bluebell greatly – afternoon tea without her muffins just now the
same and the boat distinctly quieter.

Enjoying the extra crew – Nichola and I have yet to cook a meal and the
luxury of actually being to sit down and read the Economist is welcome.

We can hear chatter on the VHF – we are being careful to keep a good
distance off the North Venezualan coast and avoid fishing vessels. In a few
days time we should pass the cruise liner that Team Aretha member Paul
Covell is on as he sails from Panama to Aruba (the opposite direction to us)
..with any luck we may be able to have a mid ocean VHF call.

Yes, all is well and calm on Team Aretha and we are enjoying being back at

Team Aretha sailing the Caribbean Sea, Out.

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  1. Fantastic life you all have & you deserve it for having the courage to “do it”
    Well done all and I hope your future is as good

  2. Wow, Bluebell is a girl who knows her own mind and is very brave to fly home alone. You must be very proud of her that she has the guts to go for what she wants already in life at such a young age. I hope she’s not finding the drop in temperature too hard an adjustment in London. Hope Nichola’s bug is fading and she’s feeling better. Seems strange that you are on the last leg now, seems not long ago that you set sail. Must be something to do with our age how time is just flying by. We have loved all your photos. Columbus, Clive is very jealous of your hair! We can’t believe how Willow has grown. The last time we saw her Bluebell and Issie had taught her to say Dumbledore from Harry Potter! What an experience you have all had. The chapters keep being written on your adventure and we look forward to reading them. On our recent trip to Devon we thought of you all, listening to the seagulls, shivering on the beach whilst enjoying a Salcombe dairy ice cream (chocolate cookie flavour). We are watching The Durrells on ITV at the moment (My Family and Other Animals) and Gerry reminds me of Columbus, he keeps bringing various animals home from his adventures on Korfu. A Pelican on a lead, a turtle, fish that he’s caught. He prefers animals to humans. ? Anyway, safe sailing all. Lots of love from the Averys xx

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