Team Aretha Sailing the World….Whats Next

It’s lunchtime in Grenada and we’ve been safely tucked away in Port Louis Marina for a week now and have had time to celebrate our circumnavigation with our friends here. Its a great feeling and we’ve come a long way since we left the UK in August 2014.

One of the most common conversations we’ve had with people over the past 4 months has been what are we going to do next. In fact its the most common topic of conversation amongst our World ARC friends as well as whenever we speak to family and friends at home.

One the principles we set up when we created our vision some 7 years ago in our planning was that our adventure had to lead somewhere to some new exciting plans. I remember well after completing my first circumnavigation in 2001 sitting in the bottom of my Dad’s garden at 2amnursing a bottle of whisky. When you have an amazing high like sailing around the world, the big danger is that you hit a big low. That’s what happened to me before and returning to the same apartment and same job was just really tough. I’d moved on yet everything at home had stayed the same.

This time around we knew that this would be a springboard for something different. What we hadn’t figured out until now was what exactly we would be doing next.

So, we’ve had a good amount of time to plan this and have some exciting new plans ahead of us. So the definite things we have lined are:

1) We’re going to sail Aretha back thorough the Panama Canal and up to San Francisco. Our plan is live in San Francisco for 2-3 years with the kids attending local schools;

2) We’re going to launch a new business – Nichola’s brainchild which we’ll be sharing details of soon;

3) With the new business we’ve decided that 50% of the profits will be dedicated to helping children who are bullied – something that both Nichola and I experienced when we were younger and is a cause close to both of our hearts. Our plan is to set up a Foundation and to channel profits to that and then find the most effective use of those funds.

4) I’m planning to complete and launch my book – intended to be a practical guide on how to live your dream…using the blueprint that we have used to go from London commuter lifestyle to sailing the world with our children. It’s the same blueprint that we’re now using again to make our new plans come together.

Plenty more to come as we figure things out step by step.

Have an awesome day everyone,

Team Aretha busy planning in Grenada, Out.

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  1. I love being able to watch the next chapter unfolding in your life story and will always feel incredibly blessed to have been able to follow your amazing journey around the world!

    I am also excited you have decided to come live for a time in the country Lance and I call “home” which follows our seven years living in your “home” country!! I’m wishing, however, we could be neighbors (or should I say “neighbours?!!”) again with you! xxxxx

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