The Boat

Our 6th family member for our adventures is Aretha. Our feeling is that we look after her and she will look after us.

She’s an Oyster 53 – born in 2001 and the ideal boat for round the world family cruising.

  1. Just found your video on YouTube. Heck of a video and what a sweet boat – we have the same: Oyster 53, 2002, Hull#31. We are based in Seattle and head out in April with two small children as well (funny, isn’t it?).
    Looking forward to following your voyage on your website.

  2. Dear Nichola Caspar Blubell Columbus and Willow,i am pleased things went well going through the Panama Canal. I read all your blogs you and Sheila send to me, it great to hear your all having a wonderful time. Best wishes from Brian.

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