The Brainwaves are vibrating at a high frequency sailing in Mexican Waters

Every situation presents an opportunity.

This morning the energy was low on Aretha. It had been since last night – at this mornings daily check in, two of us only registered 6 out of 10’s. For my part missing Nichola, Bluebell and Willow and just generally flat. David similarly was just feeling flat. The best thing about being part of a team where you share not just the highs but the lows is you get the full energy of the team to understand and then turn things around.

What this meant to us today was a full English cooked breakfast followed by a thorough cleanse of Aretha to Nichola’s standard (well it looks that way to me at least), some quality tunes from the 80’s and thorough hydration for all and just talking stuff through and sharing it.

What followed has been remarkable.

Columbus has been at an intense state of creativity. Assisted by Mindy, he has been creating a play with all his soft toy animals. I’m told we all have active roles to play and we’ve been shown which animals we have to work with. He’s scripted out a number of scenes – the young man who normally hates writing is in full flow creating pages of scripts. An active mind is hard at work.

The 4 adults sat down around the saloon table and dedicated an hour of focused thinking and discussion of one of Frank’s business ideas. The power of the collective mind is truly remarkable when its fully engaged and it brought out the best in all our combined and varied skill sets. This truly is a mastermind of some horsepower and creativity and we finished an hour later with many ideas flowing. Mindy with her years of finance and sales experience, David with his technology and product development expertise, Frank with his years of public company CFO experience and strategy work and me with my varied entrepreneurial experiences.

We’ve decided that twice a day a different person will be in the hot seat and we’ll collectively work on each persons vision, goals and business ideas. This afternoon David is up next. The fact we have no wind and are having to motor continuously simply means we have more time to work together. It is the perfect off site – no phones, no emails, no walk in distractions.

Oh. Apart from the 20 pound yellow fin tuna we just caught. Freshly filleted on the aft deck – it looked for all the world like a scene out of Lord of the Flies as covered in blood, we had the finest sashimi carved straight off the freshest fish imaginable.

We have 472 miles to Acapulco and are now in Mexican Waters. We’ve sailed past 6 countries now to get here from Panama. Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and now Mexico.

Our central American adventure continues,

The Team Aretha Business Mastermind, Out.

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