The countdown. 1 day to go.

Insane. Best word I have to describe whats going on.

Mrs Craven continues to be amazing and organise the many things that have to be done. That will be no surprise to those who know Nichola.

The house is upside down. Things to be taken to the boat. Things for storage. Stuff to be sold. Stuff to be checked.

Thank goodness we can laugh. Pink and So What providing some light relief. Seriously, this could drive you nuts.

Minimal sleep last night and back down to Aretha today – food shopping, life raft on board, spare life jackets, electronic charts, spare water, compass fitted. Why the f**k does it always end up last minute. Part of life I guess. Nothing ever happens without a deadline.

Good to see Dan & Morna today briefly on Aretha and for Dan to cast his magic lenses with this awesome pic.


Good to hear Max my brother all clear at the doctors today and is good to join us onboard tomorrow.

Finally feel close to getting going. Sailing will be a doddle.

It’s funny. You can find a million reasons not to do something. Really though. You just need one good reason why you should do something. Conquers all the other cr*p that goes through your head. That thought of creating inspiring life changing experiences is the reason we are doing this. Good job we’ve been hanging onto that. Not for the faint hearted.


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  1. Awesome! I know it will be tough, but once you have done it – you have done it …… Have a fab time & I look forward to following your adventures here.
    Cheers to you all

  2. As a family we have followed your planning and incredible determination to achieve an amazing objective. I look forward with excitement and enthusiasm to joining you in the Canaries for the ARC voyage to St Lucia. Bon Voyage – Paul Covell

  3. so impressed (although not surprised!) with Nichola getting you all to this stage … so you make sure you do a good job of your bit casp and remember all those sailing lessons I’ve given you! Have a great time 🙂

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