The Great Team Aretha Panama Poetry Party – Your vote counts.

And now for something slightly different. We’ve been getting creative on
board Team Aretha.

This is a request for audience participation.

Today, we have launched the Great Team Aretha Panama Poetry Party. Each
member of Team Aretha has written a short poem.

We’d like you to vote for your favourite poem please (they are all
anonymised) – the winning poem will be read out by the writer of the poem
and posted on <>  once
we reach Panama.

The Panama Poetry Party closes on Monday 5pm UK time – just reply with your
favourite poem.

Poetry Entry 1 – Sailing Along

Aboard Aretha its poetry day!
Sailing across the Caribbean Sea
Rather a pleasant place to be.
Sunshine by day and starlit night,
wind and tide now push just right
Ahoy Panama! – we’re on our way.

Poetry Entry 2 – About a Leopard

Cunning and rare
Hiding in their tree top lair.
At day they stay in the shade of the trees Waiting for their prey to pass.
One of the big cats of the wild
with its spots and dots.
Prowling through the jungle all night and all day.

Poetry Entry 3 – Sailing Blues

Of all the colours and their many hues
My favourite is certainly blue.

It’s a calm and comforting colour and as a sailor who sets out to sea It’s a
blue sky I pray to see

Blue is my girlfriends eyes and blue
Is how I feel when we say goodbye.

Poetry Entry 4  – We’re off to Panama

Pizza, Pilot Whales and Panama all begin with P Peppers, spinnaker Poles and
Parties too Peppa Pig on the iPad Play Doh pasted on the plates Pa Pa Pa…
Pa Pa Pa…Pa Pa Pa We’re off to Panama.

Poetry Entry 5 – Aretha

All around the world we sailed
Rally rendezvous in exotic countries we hailed Exciting adventures befell
our small team True friends and family joined, which made us beam Heartfelt
friendships we have made And now heading to Panama and San Fran with
adventures we would not trade

Poetry Entry 6 – Song of the Sea

In the light of the half moon
Ocean glistens, I listen
Sounds of the sea capture me
Waves, wind offer magical music
Birds explore, soar, happily in harmony
Ever changing, life at sea nurtures me

Poetry Entry 7 – Bunny

I like cuddling
with my friend Bunny
who is funny
baby bells and yogurt
fill my tummy
I smile and giggle

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  1. All are fab….. It was a tough choice.
    My vote is:
    Poetry Entry 1 – Sailing Along

    Bryn voted for: Poetry Entry 2 – About a Leopard

    Hugs Soph x

  2. Hello Aretha

    I am voting for 7 and 2 – all great entries – difficult to decide.

    Hope you good sail continues. We have had a beautiful spring day here, blossom and tulips. We had a good Easter holiday, Barry and I managed a 5 day ski trip with a group and no children, snow not great so more drinking than skiing! I took the children to Suffolk and we saw seals at the beach and paddled in a rather chilly North Sea. Think of you all often – must be strange for you and for Bluebell to be back in England! Am seeing Albane in a few weeks for lunch, it s nice that we are all staying in touch. We had our boat surveyed this week for a sale/ exchange for a smaller boat, but survey showed water in the oil so not good – bit stressful but we will get it sorted!

    Looking forward to more travel news – enjoy xxx

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