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So, lying down on the sofa in Weybridge (all will become clear), it’s not long now until we depart. It’s been lets say an interesting few weeks.

The shakedown sail from Hamble to Fowey and back was excellent. Aretha is truly proving to be a very well found boat and despite a few teething troubles which we fixed she performed exceptionally well. Slightly better than me I might add. By the team we reach reached Weymouth my sore back had developed into a sore calf and thigh (better known as Sciatica). Didnt seem to get much better on the next 6-7 days so I checked in with my consultant Mr Mendoza the Monday I got back. 7 days later and I’m in the Charing Cross Hospital having surgery to remove the pressure on the nerves. My logic – I’d rather know about this now and get it fixed ahead of time than in the middle of the Pacific.

Didn’t have this in the plan but I guess these things are all sent to test us. Best just get on with it then.

Since then Nichola has been amazing juggling all the child care, getting the house and car tidied up, childrens birthday parties, leaving parties, sorting her business out and getting the boat continually moving forward with some really great help from Ian and Paul Frew (who with his wife Caroline is following the same route as us). We have plenty to do and having some really great help means a lot to us. Nichola has found tennants for our house and we move out on 12th September.

We’ve had to put the date back by a few weeks to give my back time to repair. We now depart Hamble on 19th August and sail to Lisbon. We fly back from there for a couple of weeks to finalise the house packing up, selling the car and so on. From there, we fly to France for the wedding of my sister Jess to Jules and from there we fly back to Lisbon and then head South with all 5 of us on board to really start the family adventure.

Nichola and the children met up with Sophie, Emily and William from SailingMatilda last weekend too. They are doing exactly the same as us and are about a month further ahead – their Hanse 50 is already in Valencia (Barry sailed it there over the past few weeks). Good to see someone else on the same route as us as well.

Things move quickly and yes we have a lot to do : )


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  1. the website’s a great way to see what’s going on and stay in touch with your movements and plans…….will look forward to seeing the updates. lots of love and best wishes xxx

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